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James Canton is a futurist, author, entrepreneur, CEO & Chairman of the Institute for Global Futures. He forecasts global trends in business, technology, globalization, trade, health care, population, science, climate, workforce and security.

Dr. Canton is assisting Vitallife as an Innovation Advisor. Vitallife is committed to staying on the cutting edge of longevity medicine and constantly seeks out new ideas and therapies that are changing the face of medicine. Dr. Canton is a pioneer in thinking about the future of medicine and helps make the future available today at Vitallife.

He is noted for his keynote presentations and consulting with organizations, assisting them to better understand and benefit from complex change and opportunities in technology, energy, medicine, finance, climate, population, entertainment, security and media. He also assists clients in creating global alliances, investments, strategy and in developing new products or services.

He has worked with the leading organizations in the world including IBM, General Mills, Delliotte, Fedex, General Electric, Apple, Phillips, Seimans, Cisco, McKinsey, Tata, Pepsi, Fujitsu, Sony, Pfizer and the US Department of Defense. He has advised three White House administrations, the National Science Foundation, American Association for the Advancement of Science, and the National Science and Technology Council.Dr. Canton is the co-developer of Trend Trakker, a network based forecasting platform that analyzes and tracks trends, innovations, threats and global risks.

Dr. Canton received his Ph.D. in Management and social science from the Union Institute & University in 1982. His thesis was on Global Systems and High Technology Organizations which he completed while working at Apple Computer. He was born and raised in New York City area.

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